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Software Features

society manegement software asset inventory

Asset & Inventory

Tracking, assigning, servicing, maintaining and discarding assets of Societyeasier than ever with Society Max.
helpdesk complaints software system for housing society

Complaints and Suggestions

Residents can complaint and provide suggestion directly to society admin regarding any issue of the Society.
Minutes of Meeting agm meeting application

Minutes of Meeting

Society Max has feature to keep record of discussions and actions taken in particular meeting. Admin or User can maintain Minutes of every meeting.
vendor management software apartment complex
Vendor contact list
Society max will help you to maintain and track the details of all the Vendors e.g. Electrician, Plumbers etc.
apartment community network application software for society management
Forum & Sub Groups
Residents can create groups for any event or facility and user can also do booking for that event. Forum can be created by both user and admin for discussions.
contact management software for apartment society
Resident List
This feature of Society max will help the admin to keep record, maintain and manage all the details of residents, including their family members.
community notice board software for apartment complex
Notice Board
Notice related to Society‘s function and other issues can be put and managed by admin. All the users will be notified and can access that notice.
community photo gallery society managenment system
Society Gallery
This provides access of pictures of every event and Functions, User can both upload and download the Photographs to the portal.
gatekeeper gate  entry-management-software-society
Move In/Out Tracker
This will track all the details of visitors. In time, Out time, their purpose of visiting and to which resident they have come to Visit the society.
poll management software apartment society complex
There is a feature called Poll, in which every user has access to choose and vote for anything from the options provided by admin.
helpdesk software for apartment housing society
Help desk tracker
Residents can make any enquiry related to any notice, event or facility of the society and can ask for help & support.
meeting calender for apartment housing society
Meeting calendar
If you would like to place society meeting on a particular date, you can place that meeting with the help of this calendar.
policy terms for apartment housing society
Terms & Policies
Admin can circulate and then declare all the terms and policies to Residents of Society from this one platform.
payment solution for apartment housing society
Payment Gateway
Residents can pay their dues online through our Integrated Payment Gateway. Instant E-Receipts is generated and their Dues get cleared off.
billing expense tracker for apartment housing society
Expense Tracker
Invoice should be uploaded against each expense. It helps to track and maintain all the expenses of the society e.g Chairs for club house.
bank accounting for partment-housing-society
Bank cash
Facility to manage payments made against cheque, cash and directly to account. All the documents including receipts can be uploaded and Managed.

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